HotCubator is a unique social enterprise which has taken the mission to create more entrepreneurs within the hospitality and tourism sector in Australia. HotCubator encourages the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in hospitality and tourism education through increased engagement, inspiration and networking opportunities. Presently, there are at least 20 universities and a large number of non-university higher education providers offering hospitality and tourism degree across all over Australia. Noticeably, none of the Australian hospitality and tourism focused educational institution incentivises the entrepreneurship and start-up culture compared to the leading institutions across USA and Europe where tailored support programs are available to promote the

The epic stories of small start-ups turning into multi-billion dollar business is not new anymore. We love to hear the legendary stories of visionary entrepreneurs who are able to tackle all the hurdles single-handedly. In fact, we tend to believe more on individual charisma than anything else which can bring success for an organisation. Small businesses today experience lower survival rate due to many factors such as - increased competition, instable revenue growth, lack of expertise in exploiting the resources to name a few. To weather the various challenges and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, every small business entrepreneur tries to carve out new