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November 2018

When we see all the successful people out there, rejoicing victory or punching air, most often we think that they are super human with god-gifted talents and are among the lucky-few! I don’t disagree that talent is inherent and a lot of us are born with it. But, when I see people getting to the peak of success, who, in previous life did not show remotely close indication to have any talent, let alone becoming world-renowned, I wonder what the correlation of talent to success is? Putting my researcher hat on, every time I tried to hypothesise talent as a measure of success, the result came as ‘null’. In

Early in 2015, when the whole Bangladesh went almost into a standstill state, due to deadly political tussle causing nationwide ‘blockade’, I flew to Bangladesh from Australia with to accomplish a mission which almost seemed ‘impossible’- to complete the field work of my PhD degree. I must acknowledge that, I was never a fan of research and the journey to PhD was almost a serendipitous one. As such, undertaking the field work amid of all the chaos was far from an enjoying trip, at least at the beginning! The topic of my PhD was related with social entrepreneurship, which I chose after tremendously being