Author: Sayem Hossain

The Australian tourism has remained a booming industry with a record breaking growth contributing $107 billion to the Australian economy in 2014-15.  Both international and domestic tourists’ expenditure fed into that strong record, which is a direct 2.7 per cent industrial contribution to national Gross Domestic Product (GDP), accounts for 8.2 per cent of national exports and 4.6 per cent of total jobs. Tourism’s Gross Value Added (GVA) remained greater than the GVA earned from Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries industry. In 2013-14, direct tourism GVA increased 3.4 per cent (or $1.3 billion) to $39.9 billion. The major players in this exponential growth remained:

HotCubator took a small step to inspire the entrepreneurial minds of The Hotel School and provide them as little support as possible. Our humble beginning gathered a group of driven and self-motivated members who finally started to take big leaps! In a recent ceremony held at Southern Cross University’s Lismore campus, the university recognised the outstanding achievement of several students into many different areas including – leadership, entrepreneurial initiatives, engagement. We are so proud to share that Uma Panchapakesan the founder of i.BeyondBliss won the ‘Entrepreneur’ award and received the certificate of recognition from the honourable Vice Chancellor of Southern Cross University, Professor Adam

HotCubator recently celebrated the launching ceremony of i.BeyondBliss, the first startup that HotCubator supported from ideation to commercialisation. The wonderful session took place at The Hotel School Sydney campus and was chaired by two guest speakers with versatile experience from the industry. Syed Ahmed, Head of Digital Products and Operations, Bupa (AUS & NZ) who is also popularly known for his role as a startup mentor and judge in startup competitions. The other guest speaker was Bhavin Bagadia, Key Account Manager of Google, Australia who brings years of global experience of business development across various industries. In front of a sizable audience consisting of The Hotel

If you think that the road to success is very difficult and only 'lucky-few' can get there, you are wrong. The actual story behind the triumph barely gets noticed. Success is a combination of merely simple steps rather than serendipitous moments. Here are 5 of those simple steps which can help to write your own success story. 1. Set objectives Set realistic goals and objectives for your life. Use the 'SMART' model (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound). Think big - sky is your limit. 2. Know thyself It is very important to know yourself well, so that you know how can you bring the best out of yourself. Use SWOT model

Consistent with its motto to inspire students, HotCubator started a workshop series called ‘Inspiration hub’ which aims to invite entrepreneurs, leaders and social change makers to share their passionate stories to students. The goal was twofold- first, creating networking opportunities with such 'icons' who are at the forefront of the industry. And more importantly, distilling inspiration from the intriguing stories, treacherous journeys and the successes that the speakers had in their lives. The first session kicked off with a very widely acclaimed, prominent entrepreneur - Steve Hui who is the CEO of iflyflat, a travel focused startup venture. The business model of iflyflat is

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, the HotCubator team gathered at The Hotel School premises to take some snaps and shoot videos to update the website page. HotCubator's resident photographer Harry Mitchell brought his gear along with his ever-enthusiastic self to take  some great photos. The other members were Chelsea, Chafica, Uma, Ruby and myself. We had few limitations such as - not being able to take outdoor snaps, the lights inside the building was not the greatest, we did not pre-book the place where the photo shoot will take place. Even though we finished the day taking some awesome snaps and more than that,

HotCubator is a unique social enterprise which has taken the mission to create more entrepreneurs within the hospitality and tourism sector in Australia. HotCubator encourages the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in hospitality and tourism education through increased engagement, inspiration and networking opportunities. Presently, there are at least 20 universities and a large number of non-university higher education providers offering hospitality and tourism degree across all over Australia. Noticeably, none of the Australian hospitality and tourism focused educational institution incentivises the entrepreneurship and start-up culture compared to the leading institutions across USA and Europe where tailored support programs are available to promote the

The epic stories of small start-ups turning into multi-billion dollar business is not new anymore. We love to hear the legendary stories of visionary entrepreneurs who are able to tackle all the hurdles single-handedly. In fact, we tend to believe more on individual charisma than anything else which can bring success for an organisation. Small businesses today experience lower survival rate due to many factors such as - increased competition, instable revenue growth, lack of expertise in exploiting the resources to name a few. To weather the various challenges and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, every small business entrepreneur tries to carve out new