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If you don’t know what is ‘Vines’ or ‘Vlogmas’ you are showing your age! These are the buzzwords of a new generation called ‘YouTube generation’. With an average of 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute, YouTube has become the Launchpad for many nondescript talents who came into limelight almost within no time. Racking up millions of subscribers, many of them even dwarfed mainstream celebrities and their fan base. Who would’ve thought that a virtual universe would emerge where people can earn fortune - just by making pranks or playing toys all day or even showing dancing cats! Here are some other facts

Coined by author Antonia Chitty, the term “mumpreneur” is yet to create a space in English dictionary, but it has definitely created a space in the business world. Juggling with errands and children, many bootstrapped mumpreneurs around the globe have challenged high-flying VC-backed entrepreneurs and found success. More mums are nowadays working towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. The push The biggest motivation comes, in most instances, during the maternity break, as it takes a while for women to get back to the workforce. Wrestling with everyday mummy duties, some inquisitive mums start to seek alternative ways to keep themselves busy. That’s how many mums have had the