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Road to success

If you think that the road to success is very difficult and only 'lucky-few' can get there, you are wrong. The actual story behind the triumph barely gets noticed. Success is a combination of merely simple steps rather than serendipitous moments. Here are 5 of those simple steps which can help to write your own success story. 1. Set objectives Set realistic goals and objectives for your life. Use the 'SMART' model (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound). Think big - sky is your limit. 2. Know thyself It is very important to know yourself well, so that you know how can you bring the best out of yourself. Use SWOT model

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, the HotCubator team gathered at The Hotel School premises to take some snaps and shoot videos to update the website page. HotCubator's resident photographer Harry Mitchell brought his gear along with his ever-enthusiastic self to take  some great photos. The other members were Chelsea, Chafica, Uma, Ruby and myself. We had few limitations such as - not being able to take outdoor snaps, the lights inside the building was not the greatest, we did not pre-book the place where the photo shoot will take place. Even though we finished the day taking some awesome snaps and more than that,