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Social enterprise

A popular debate that still exists – whether entrepreneurs are born or made. It is well-accepted that a lot of the characteristics to become an entrepreneur can be learnt. Given with the recent hype towards entrepreneurial sector, many schools around the globe are spearheading with entrepreneurship courses tailored to specific sectors. Social entrepreneurship courses are among the top of the priority list in many of the world’s top ranked universities. Here we have picked up the top 5 universities in the world which are offering social entrepreneurship and related programs - 1. The University of Oxford With its legacy since 1096, The University of Oxford is

A successful business is all about finding the right product-market fit, effective leadership and well-crafted strategy. To craft the most effective strategy, it first, important to understand the key relationships among the various aspects of the business so that an entrepreneur can visualise the whole business as a model which is precise and easy to understand. Rather than writing pile of papers containing a business plan, which is not only tedious but redundant at some stage, it is far more effective to plot a Business Model Canvas as the modern strategist and experts believe. Perhaps the most widely used tool has recently gained popularity