HotCubator partners with The Hotel School

HotCubator is a unique social enterprise which has taken the mission to create more entrepreneurs within the hospitality and tourism sector in Australia. HotCubator encourages the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in hospitality and tourism education through increased engagement, inspiration and networking opportunities. Presently, there are at least 20 universities and a large number of non-university higher education providers offering hospitality and tourism degree across all over Australia. Noticeably, none of the Australian hospitality and tourism focused educational institution incentivises the entrepreneurship and start-up culture compared to the leading institutions across USA and Europe where tailored support programs are available to promote the culture of entrepreneurship. Taking this as an opportunity, HotCubator is collaborating with educational institutions, entrepreneurs, industry experts and academics to provide tailored support to budding entrepreneurs. The partnership with the Hotel School is a proud beginning for HotCubator, since The Hotel School is among the top Hospitality and Education providers in Australia. The graduates of The Hotel School are highly recognised both nationally and internationally which is reflected in the employment trend as most of it’s graduates occupying leading positions in the top hotel brands.

The entrepreneurial spirit helps to snatch-out the best out of an individual.

The scope of HotCubator’s mission is much broader than only creating entrepreneurs who will start a business venture. The entrepreneurial spirit helps to snatch-out the best out of an individual, it also helps to explore one’s true passion in life. So, HotCubator has taken-up the mission to engage, inspire and innovate students which will help to build the entrepreneurial spirit in them leading to better performance in whatever their passion involves in life. One of the first approach of HotCubator is an ‘Entrepreneurs club’ which has kick-started its operation and already received very positive feedback from the The Hotel School students. There will many more exciting initiatives in coming months to nourish the entrepreneurial spirit of budding entrepreneurs!

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