Inspiration hub workshop kicked-off with an amazing session!

Consistent with its motto to inspire students, HotCubator started a workshop series called ‘Inspiration hub’ which aims to invite entrepreneurs, leaders and social change makers to share their passionate stories to students. The goal was twofold- first, creating networking opportunities with such ‘icons’ who are at the forefront of the industry. And more importantly, distilling inspiration from the intriguing stories, treacherous journeys and the successes that the speakers had in their lives.

The first session kicked off with a very widely acclaimed, prominent entrepreneur – Steve Hui who is the CEO of iflyflat, a travel focused startup venture. The business model of iflyflat is interesting as it addresses a very niche but very prospective industry – the rewards point scheme. Iflyfalt helps to convert reward points to book luxury/business class tickets. A numbers person Steve, who used to be an accountant and ex-banker, easily understood the seemingly great potential of this industry and immediately turned that into an opportunity. I bumped into Steve via LinkedIn and found him exceedingly humble as he responded each and every message immediately. It is a good reminder for all budding entrepreneurs out there – you have to form a humble and down-to-earth personality to be liked and preferred by your target market. This applies to your product and service as well.

We organised the session at The Hotel School Sydney campus in a venue which has about 100+ capacity. Quite pleasingly the room was jam packed, almost 90% to its capacity. Many staffs among with THS students turned up which was even better and set the tone – everyone needs inspiration. During the session Steve shared his inspiring journey on how he built the business from scratch and turned himself ‘from nobody to somebody’! The story was intriguing yet more inspiring which was apparent from the very engaged and interactive audience. The session concluded with an extended Q&A session with many interesting questions. As we finished the session, I was approached by a number of our students who thanked for organising such an event and requested for more sessions like this. Steve on the other hand, also appreciated and praised our professional approach in organising the whole event. HotCubator will keep organising such great events and keep inspiring students with its promise.


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