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Inspiration hub

Inspiration hub

University is a great place to learn theories, socialise and develop networks. It helps tremendously to make students ‘career-ready’ and get the desired job. Yet, there remains gap towards finding and pursuing the true passion due to the structured curriculum and unitary focus on getting a degree only. The ‘hurdle-run’ for a ‘safe career’ thwarts many great minds from pursuing their passionate ideas which otherwise would have been another Facebook or Apple or Microsoft or even bigger! Good news is that, you do not have to be a ‘college dropout’ like – Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates to pursue your dream now. We will find the right inspiration for you who will become a regular source of inspiration and a constant ‘guide by the side’. We invite inspiring leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and young icons as guest speakers who come from all walks of life. Their exciting stories will instill exuberance, boost creative energy and enhance your entrepreneurial spirit to nurture your dream – no matter whatever that is.

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What people are saying

A fantastic initiative Sayem – a big congrats to you and your team.

– Dr Grant Cairncross, Senior Lecturer, School of Business & Tourism, Southern Cross University

Great job Sayem. Well done!

– Sue Bakir, General Manager, The Hotel School Sydney and Melbourne

Steve is an amazing speaker and his story was very inspirational to all of us. Can’t wait to see what’s next on the ‘Inspirational Hub’ workshop series!

– Fernando Pimentel, Marketing Manager, The Hotel School Sydney and Melbourne

Thank you Sayem for providing us with an amazing and inspiring guest speaker today. It was definitely an eye opening experience and I definitely felt motivated afterwards to work on my personal mindset and to work harder towards achieving my entrepreneurial venture. I look forward to the our next guest speaker.

– The Yen Cao, BBTHM, 2nd year student, The Hotel School Sydney

Another fine example of how Hotcubator can open up the mind and get the creative juices flowing! Katrena Friel was so inspiring and I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity of bringing her into the school to speak to us.

– Chelsea Smailes, BBTHM, 2nd year student, The Hotel School Sydney