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About us

Our mission

Our mission is to foster entrepreneurial spirit of the student community and help them to achieve their passion in life.

At HotCubator, we believe that the scope of entrepreneurial qualities are much broader than working towards a business venture only. The entrepreneurial spirit helps to explore one’s true passion in life and thrive in every possible ways.

Our approach

We are inspired by the ethos of social entrepreneurship and aim to make an impact by creating students with entrepreneurial spirit. We collaborate with educational institutions and work together to build a community of engaged, inspired and creative learners. We also provide mentoring and early-stage business incubation support to budding entrepreneurs. Our key strength is our extensive network which is equipped with entrepreneurs, industry experts and leaders from different sectors who inspire us and help us to achieve our mission.


Who we work with

Our founding partner is the The Hotel School (THS) which is one of the top hotel schools in Australia. THS is a unique partnership between Mulpha Education Group and Southern Cross University and operating with two campuses – Sydney and Melbourne. THS embeds a rich history of academic excellence for the past 27 years. The courses offered at THS focus on hotel operational skills, management practice in the tourism and hospitality industry and the skills needed for continued learning in a changing global business environment. The graduates of THS are highly recognised both nationally and internationally which is reflected in the employment trend as most of it’s graduates occupying leading positions in the top hotel brands. To add to the strength of THS, we aim to inspire it’s students towards entrepreneurship leading to increased innovation which will not only enhance the quality of it’s graduates, but also position THS as Australia’s top Hospitality and Tourism education provider.

Our team

Sayem Hossain, Founder

What many have understood in their 20s, even dropping out from the university, that took Sayem 30 years and a PhD to realise that a life without a passion is merely existence! So he set forth to explore his passion and caught the virus of entrepreneurship while shaking hands with some of the greatest entrepreneurs during his PhD. He discovered that the truest reflection of entrepreneurial spirit is in being positive, never giving up and having a vision of life. Working now as an academic, he decided to inject the entrepreneurial spirit among his students to help them find their true passion and intrinsic motivation in life.

Sue Bakir, Advisor

General Manager, The Hotel School Sydney and Melbourne

Katrena Friel, Advisor

CEO | Founder | International Speaker | Advisory Board Member | Award Winning Author | Trainer | Coach | Mentor

Dr. Mo Kader, Advisor

Managing Director, Consultica Worldwide Management Consultants

John Iveson, Advisor

Head of Academic Operations, The Hotel School Sydney and Melbourne

Chafica El-labban, Entrepreneur in Residence

Managing partner, Lebanese Meme Solutions and Digital Phoenix

Business Coach and Mentor

We work with a number of entrepreneurs and leaders who provide ad-hoc support to us. So we are always keen to grow our network further. If you love to inspire others and spread your positive energy, then get in touch and the coffee is on us!