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Startup mentoring

Our tailored sessions

Mentoring session

We facilitate mentoring sessions in collaboration with leading entrepreneurs, leaders and academics. The aim of these sessions are to both inspire and guide the students towards achieving their dream projects.

Business process blueprinting

These sessions are designed to train students on how to translate their mere ‘ideas’ into successful business models. This is done by analysing various start-ups and their winning business models as benchmarks. We use various business models such as – bootstrapping, lean start-up, narrow to broad scope strategy etc.

Start-up pitching session

Evidences suggest that even the simplest ideas have turned into billion dollar ventures due to pitching effectively to the right audience. So, we train our budding entrepreneurs on how to pitch ideas more effectively to a wider group of stakeholders.


Being tech-native is an integral part of entrepreneurial journey as we live in this era of technological revolution. So, the tech-help sessions are designed to train our young entrepreneurs on a range of different areas such as – website development, social media profile building, spreading word-of-mouse communication etc.

Business skill basics

Apart from having great ‘ideas’, the young entrepreneurs need coaching and guidance on a range of different areas of business such as – sales and marketing, networking, strategy development, managing human resources etc. So we designed these sessions to support our budding entrepreneurs to develop their skills on basic areas of business.

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