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Early in 2015, when the whole Bangladesh went almost into a standstill state, due to deadly political tussle causing nationwide ‘blockade’, I flew to Bangladesh from Australia with to accomplish a mission which almost seemed ‘impossible’- to complete the field work of my PhD degree. I must acknowledge that, I was never a fan of research and the journey to PhD was almost a serendipitous one. As such, undertaking the field work amid of all the chaos was far from an enjoying trip, at least at the beginning! The topic of my PhD was related with social entrepreneurship, which I chose after tremendously being

A successful business is all about finding the right product-market fit, effective leadership and well-crafted strategy. To craft the most effective strategy, it first, important to understand the key relationships among the various aspects of the business so that an entrepreneur can visualise the whole business as a model which is precise and easy to understand. Rather than writing pile of papers containing a business plan, which is not only tedious but redundant at some stage, it is far more effective to plot a Business Model Canvas as the modern strategist and experts believe. Perhaps the most widely used tool has recently gained popularity

HotCubator recently celebrated the launching ceremony of i.BeyondBliss, the first startup that HotCubator supported from ideation to commercialisation. The wonderful session took place at The Hotel School Sydney campus and was chaired by two guest speakers with versatile experience from the industry. Syed Ahmed, Head of Digital Products and Operations, Bupa (AUS & NZ) who is also popularly known for his role as a startup mentor and judge in startup competitions. The other guest speaker was Bhavin Bagadia, Key Account Manager of Google, Australia who brings years of global experience of business development across various industries. In front of a sizable audience consisting of The Hotel