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Harry Mitchell


Harry Mitchell

Entrepreneurs Club Coordinator


Harry Mitchell is a second year student at The Hotel School Sydney, Southern Cross University. HM Photography was founded in 2013 at Macksville High School, a little Shire in the middle of Queensland and Sydney, Australia. Harry Mitchell started out taking natural photos and spinning them into a piece of art and adding in extra light. Instagram was an influence for the way Harry presented the photos online, catching your attention and stopping you from scrolling to the next photograph.

Harry found himself becoming more jaded with the photographic scene of today. Harry never wants to become someone that takes predictable, boring photographs. Harry is inspired to work with hospitality and tourism students to make them stand out from other job applicants. Harry is a passionate hospitality and tourism business student who has worked for The Hotel School Sydney at the InterContinental Insights Day and The Hotel School Sydney Open Day 2016. Harry has travelled to Singapore and One&Only Hayman Island with The Hotel School Sydney while capturing photographs for the official Facebook page. Harry was the official photographer for Macksville TAFE at Scotts Head Food, Wine, Music and Art Festival having to live stream the event via social media for two thousand festival goers.

HM Photography started out as photography business, which then Harry noticed that there was a problem with hospitality and tourism students needing a stronger personal brand on their social media platforms. Harry has diversified towards managing and consulting with hospitality and tourism student’s social media accounts, to enhance their online presence while maintaining their authentic personal brand. Harry Mitchell has managed and consulted with almost one hundred student’s social media accounts. Staying relevant and on trend online with social media is very important as employers are seeking young professionals with great first impressions on social media.

HM Photography seeks profits by providing personalised services to hospitality and tourism students who need their online presence to be noticed. HM Photography aims to draw attention from employers who are looking to employ professional hospitality and tourism students. HM Photography aims to be the trending media professionals for a Sydney CBD platform for hospitality and tourism students. HM Photography provides hospitality and tourism students with quality personalised service when managing their social media platforms via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.