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The Yen Cao


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De-Stress to Success’ was initially a fictional concept that my business partner and I developed in our ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’ course unit, however our passion for the cause and the direct impact of the cause on our personal lives have driven us to strive to make this venture a reality. ‘De-Stress to Success’ is a venture that caters to students suffering from anxiety induced by the pressures of studying and aims to provide effective solutions on methods to de-stress and reduce anxiety, to motivate and inspire students and to offer valuable studying techniques for a successful outcome. These objectives will be delivered through our services and products including a blog offering helpful articles to aid in the further assistance with anxiety and ways to motivate and effectively study, a support forum for members to interact and share their studying experiences, issues, success stories and advice with other like-minded students. Additionally, in future, we aspire to expand our business to provide students fundamental studying equipment in the form of a monthly subscription box to accompany their studying journey.

Favourite Quote – ‘Don’t Hesitate’ – Dimitri Belikov.

Email: t.cao.13@student.scu.edu.au
Education: BBTHM, 2nd Year, The Hotel School of Sydney