We engage. We inspire. We innovate.

Our motto

We aim to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among the student community. We believe that the scope of entrepreneurial qualities are much more than just starting a business venture. The entrepreneurial spirit helps to snatch-out the best out of an individual! It also helps to explore one’s true passion in life. Entrepreneurial spirit is manifested in many other characteristics for example - optimism, creativity, pro-activeness, ability to take risks, perseverance to name only a few. Moreover, entrepreneurial qualities are instrumental to achieve anything - whether it is getting a desired job, flourishing one’s sporting talent or innovating a million dollar business model.

How we engage

Entrepreneurs club

Entrepreneurs club is a community of like-minded students who are enthusiastic, passionate, driven and like to think out of the box. The primary goal of the entrepreneurs club is to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of its members. It also supports the members by providing mentoring support to establish and scale-up their business venture idea. Besides, there are social events, networking opportunities, picking each other’s brain and heaps more!

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How we inspire

Inspiration hub_HotCubator

Inspiration hub

Inspiration hub is a regular networking session where we invite entrepreneurs, leaders, social change makers who made an impact either with creative business models or created value for society. The opportunity to interact with such ‘icons’ inspire the students, boost creative energy and drive their ambition to achieve bigger goals in life.

How we innovate

Startup mentoring

We support our members to spearhead great business models which is backed by our extensive research and industry experience. We encourage out of the box thinking to take the industry forward, convert ideas into start-ups and create value for the society.

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